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Welcome to the
Chrono Trigger Novel Project!

    Its power, which was beyond human comprehension, cultivated dreams...

only time will tell how it ends....


    What a novel idea -- the idea of writing what so many have wanted for years: A Chrono Trigger novel!  If the immortal novelization of the amazing storyline of Chrono Trigger is what you've been waiting for, then you've come to the right place!  Take a look at what's going on in the Chrono Trigger Novel Project and learn how you can be a part of it all!

    CTNP News & Updates (2013)

Enter News Year to View (2003-Present)   
Novelist Watch: As of Feb. 11, 2013
Novel Activity: Editing "Chapter 12: The Hero Appears"; reviewing "Chapter 13: Tata to the Frog"; preparing for new novel content!
Square-Enix Contact Status:
Emailed a generic product contact, currently with no response.  Direct contact obtained and to be pursued shortly.

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: Dorothy of Oz by Roger Baum
Likeability: Historical and about to be much more famous.
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     1/13/13 -- There And Back Again
     With the recent release of The Hobbit, this seemed like an appropriate enough header for this long-overdue update.  Indeed, it's true - there have been no updates to this website since 2011, and even then it was minimal.  I sincerely cannot believe how quickly time has passed.  In all this time, as I've worked on my professional and family life, this story and its novelization have never left my mind.  For whatever reason, its pull has been more prominent than ever, and I am back to going through all the details and notes of the current novel in preparation to complete editing and add new chapters.  I do this, because I still fully intend to get this novel published, in the most reasonable and effective means possible.

     To those of you who still check up on this site and contact me about the novel's status, I send a resounding thank you.  Your continued involvement and encouragement only further empower me to press forward and make this the best literary work it can possibly be, both for the fans of Chrono Trigger and the general public who know nothing of the classic game.

     As you'll see in today's "Novelist Watch," I am also further pursuing Square-Enix.  I have found a generic contact for certain product inquiries and have more recently discovered contact information for a specific individual within the company's USA headquarters.  I'm hopeful that an avenue to success can be achieved by methodically following this business process and remain confident that Square will see this as a worthwhile undertaking.  As always, whatever happens, I will press forward to ensure this novel hits the shelves!


     9/6/11 -- Insert Fanfare Here
     I just felt an inexplicable draw to post an update to the site and inadvertently realized that today is, in fact, the 15th anniversary of the Chrono Trigger Novel's initial conception.  Having just finished the book The Secret, that is particularly intriguing.  At any rate, for those of you who still check in on the site once in awhile remembering the ambitious hope of an aspiring novelist to rise above the corporate blockades and beat all the odds to bring the classic story that truly is Chrono Trigger into book format, I give a rousing "thank you."  Your loyalty and support have never gone forgotten, nor has the cause in which we have believed in now for a decade and a half.

     I must report that, in terms of the novel itself, very little progress has been made this year.  However, everything is in its own timing, and we all know that this story is, indeed, timeless.  While the novel awaits its ultimate and glorious completion, through final editing of the already-written "first book," there are developments in motion that may finally pave the way to making this dream a reality.  My time these days is spent heavily in the business world, growing no less than two companies into global enterprises.  One that I am half-majority owner of, Netovative, has particularly linked me up to direct publishing contacts and others that begin to touch even the elite class of the world.  Frankly speaking, this is high-level stuff, and it is something that I am putting my focus in to cultivate at this time.  You won't find much about this company online or from our website,, at least not yet.  But it just might be our ticket to success, should I be able to gain the attention of Square-Enix with a full worldwide distribution network and publishing sources already within my grasp.  After all, if you really want to do business with the big dogs, then act like one.

     This is an update I know I owe all those who've supported me and these efforts over the years.  In fact, it's truly not near enough, and at this point I can only hope that you will all find this update.  If you do, please reach out to me and catch up: , or write me at the address on the contact page.  I can tell you all, and wisely so, that writing the CT Novel is not my number one goal in life.  However, the time will be right when this can indeed become my chief aim, and I will believe in the time of this project's success.  Until then, please keep in touch, tuned in, and ready for something great.

     Finally, as a matter of commemoration, try typing in some various years of significance into the News Year box above, just for fun.  Take care everyone!


    **Note: For all 2012 news, just type 2012 in the text box above, or any other previous year.**

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